John Iverson – CEO:

With over twenty years experience in commercial advertising I have had the fortune of traveling the world and meeting many fascinating people. The more people and places I see the more my appetite to explore increases. I pride myself on professionalism and attention to detail striving for perfection in all that I do. Aspiring above all to create impact-full content.


Rachel Zimmerman – Motion Graphic Artist:

I am Rachel Zimmerman and I am a designer. I have a passion for learning and being challenged. I like pushing myself to learn new mediums and programs. I’m always open to new things! From ceramics, to print making, to painting and drawing, you would be hard pressed to find an art form that doesn’t fascinate me. I jump at any opportunity I can find to incorporate new techniques into my work.

I have always loved math because it required solving, and I think the marriage of problem solving and creativity is what originally gravitated me to the design world.

I have also been heavily influenced as a designer by my athletic endeavors. I started out swimming competitively at a very young age and continued pursuing the sport until college. At that point I changed gears, wanting a new challenge, and I tried out for the Division I women’s rowing team on campus. My position as a coxswain on the team fit my skill set beautifully and I quickly found myself competing at the top level. I could go on for hours about how much this helped me grow not only as a person, but also as a designer. The required work ethic, creative problem solving, and working with excellence in the context of a dynamic team grew me and stretched me into the designer I am today.

Dan Flanagen – VR/Unity Developer:

By day I am the VR guru, I have done everything from product demos to R&D work with the HTC Vive and even some real world simulations. I spend my days with VR headsets on trying to develop the most immersive experience possible. I have to lead the charge on integrating motion capture, third party systems, and networking into one seem-less VR platform. I have rebuilt plugins for optimization, or just re-purposed them all together, and just built some mind-blowing projects.

At night I am a ninja behind a computer developing and testing various large projects. Currently an advanced AI system. I recently completed a Pokemon battle simulator, with a platform for expansion, version 1 is released and can be played, the link is on my projects page.

As a developer, I strive to continue to learn and grow. I develop my systems with scalability in mind, thinking about the whole project rather than just what’s in front of me. As a contractor, I strive to be as in touch as possible bringing my vast experience with VR to teams with budding ideas for projects and also being part of the creative process.